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Session 3


An important element of mindfulness is “open awareness” that is a quality of consciousness that is not evaluative or actively shaped by pre-existing ideas or intentions. True Freedom.  It is being fully receptive to allowing the experience to simply occur “as it is.” In this session, open awareness is introduced by addressing the evaluative nature of the mind. 

You will understand:

  • How to remove judgment, one of the most important obstacles to open awareness.
  • The judgmental nature of your mind ,and the problematic aspects of judgments.
  • How to cultivate attention in the present moment. 
  • How to shift  thinking from the past or the future.
  • How to get a clear understanding of your thoughts and their relationship with the present moment.

Session 3 Checklist

Here is a list of assignments you will be doing to complete this Module.  Please make sure you go through each step sequentially.

    • Download the workbook (you will be prompted to refer back to your workbook for each session to do your exercises and homework).
    • Listen to the training and do the corresponding exercises in the workbook.
    • Complete the meditations.

In this session you will develop a greater understanding of attention and how to be in the now.

Download Session 3 Training Here

Listen to the Meditation audios.

Consciousness Exercise Seated Meditation


Marni Battista


Eye of Hurricane Meditation


Marni Battista


  • Complete all assignments and exercises in the workbook.
  • Do the Seated Meditation at least once this week
  • Do the Consciousness Exercise #1 at least once this week.
  • Post at least 2 aha’s or insights this week in the Mighty Networks group.


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