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Session 5


An excessive focus on the future is perhaps one of the most common obstacles of the cultivation of mindful awareness. The default mode for many people is a “doing mode” that is constantly focused on reaching goals and the future. In this session, mindfulness is introduced as the key for finding a balance between being in the present moment and planning for the future. In this session we will:

  • Discuss the pitfalls of an excessive future focus 
  • Explore the benefits of a grateful relationship with the present moment.
  • Understand how goal setting can work in the experience of mindfulness
  • Learn about impact bias: the tendency for people to overestimate the initial impact and/or duration of an emotional event.

Session 5 Checklist

Here is a list of assignments you will be doing to complete this Module.  Please make sure you go through each step sequentially.

  • Download the workbook (you will be prompted to refer back to your workbook for each session to do your exercises and homework).
  • Listen to the training and do the corresponding exercises in the workbook.
  • Complete the meditations.

In this session you will develop a greater understanding of attention and how to be in the now.

Download Session 5 Training Here

Listen to the Meditation audios.

Believe In Meditation


Marni Battista


  • Do “The three-minute Breathing Space Meditation” three times a day.
  • Do the exercise “Gratitude” on a daily basis.
  • Pay extra attention to how you deal with goals. Do you balance your attention between the path to the goal (the now) and the goal (future)? Or are you focusing so much on the future that you forget to enjoy the pathway to the goal? Ask yourself, is it helpful to be busy thinking about my goals, or is it better for me to focus on what I’m doing right now?
  • Do the breathing meditation and Believe In Meditation  as often as possible this week.
  • When you are doing the seated meditation pay attention to how pre-occupied you are with goals. Does the meditation have a purpose for you? Notice how many thoughts you have about goals (things you still need/want to do). Just notice if you have these thoughts and then gently return your attention to the present moment. Can you make the meditation itself the main goal? In other words, can you make this moment the most important moment
  • Post at least 2 aha’s or insights this week in the Mighty Networks group


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