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Session 8


During the past 7 sessions, you have learned about and practiced many essential key processes underlying mindfulness. That said, mindfulness is a multifaceted construct, and an understanding of how the different processes that mindfulness involves work together, can be regarded as an essential insight. In this session, you will learn the connection between each of the different processes and how to implement them in your midlife makeover.

You will specifically:

  • Reflect on the concepts you have learned and anchor to new awareness, practices and habits.
  • Learn ways to continue integrating mindfulness in daily life. 
  • Create your personal plan for sustainably incorporating mindfulness in their daily lives after completing this training

Session 8 Checklist

Here is a list of assignments you will be doing to complete this Module.  Please make sure you go through each step sequentially.

  • Download the workbook (you will be prompted to refer back to your workbook for each session to do your exercises and homework).
  • Listen to the training and do the corresponding exercises in the workbook.
  • Complete the meditations.

In this session, you will study how  to become an observer and operate from a place of Essence versus Ego.

Download Session 8 Training Here

Listen to the Meditation audios.

The Observer Meditation


Marni Battista


What’s Next

Complete your Mindfulness implementation plan here.

  • Create your Implementation Plan
  • Post at least 2 aha’s or insights this week in the Mighty Networks group


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