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Session 4


The purpose of this session is to introduce the concept of acceptance. A core foundation of mindfulness is to adopt an accepting stance towards experiences. Rather than fighting or avoiding experiences, mindfulness requires the willingness to experience them. As acceptance  is a complex and paradoxical construct, in this session we will break it down into a more easily understandable concept.  

Specifically, you will:

  • Clarify the essence of acceptance
  • Learn how to apply acceptance to difficult emotions 
  • Deeply understanding the goal of acceptance

Session 4 Checklist

Here is a list of assignments you will be doing to complete this Module.  Please make sure you go through each step sequentially.

  • Download the workbook (you will be prompted to refer back to your workbook for each session to do your exercises and homework).
  • Listen to the training and do the corresponding exercises in the workbook.
  • Complete the meditations.

In this session you will develop a greater understanding of acceptance and how it connects to the other principles we have discussed such as presence, automaticity, and judgment. 

Download Session 4 Training Here

Listen to the Meditation audios.

Breathing Space Meditation


Marni Battista


  • Listen to the training.
  • Complete all assignments and exercises in the workbook.
  • Listen to the 3-Minute Breathing Space Meditation at least 1x this week
  • Do the Consciousness Exercise #3 – Stuck Energy – at least 1x this week.
  • Post at least 2 aha’s or insights this week in the Mighty Networks group


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